Five Easy Steps to look after your loved ones during COVID-19.

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions have now eased significantly, the risk is still there for some of the most vulnerable individuals.

1.Keep in regular contact with your loved ones

Self-isolating doesn’t not need to mean that someone becomes self-isolated. Make sure that you have regular contact (face-to-face or virtually)during this time. This is especially important if they suffer with existing mental health conditions such as depression or dementia.

2.Contact the carers/care office

Whilst we are constantly communicating with both our clients and carers, a little check in from a family member every now and again can make a big difference in the quality of care we are able to provide for them. This can be by offering tips on how best to bond with your loved one or letting us reassure you of their safety and wellbeing during this difficult time. We can always be reached either via email at,phone on 0113 4673545 or by post at Unit 9,Unity Business Centre,26 Roundhay Road,LS7 1AB.

3.Support with daily living where you can

Supporting your loved ones with daily errands where you can makes a huge difference to how they feel and also provides a gentle reminder that you are thinking of them when they are unable to see other friends and family.

4.Keep them active

Keeping active is one of the best means of keeping immune levels high. Exercise is still permitted for all to do. This may even just be a walk or sitting in the garden in the fresh air. This is vital to maintaining good mental health.

5.Order a test if they develop any symptoms

This is a crucial step for both the clients and staffs wellbeing. All of our staff are tested weekly for COVID using PCR tests and rapid tests should they require. It is crucial that clients also follow this rule to ensure we are able to provide the highest quality of care to a number of other clients. If your loved ones (or you) develop any symptoms we would advise you to order a home test kit immediately and isolate until the results return. Dismissing symptoms can lead to complications for a number of people down the line.

Preventing the spread

Although restrictions are fully lifted now. We are still taking measures to ensure the safety of all involved:

-Wash your hands. Wash your hand regularly for at least 40 seconds. Be sure to also carry a pocked sized hand sanitiser with you.

-Avoid crowded spaces. Make sure to avoid these spaces where possible.

-Avoid touching your face or mouth.

-Wear a face covering. Although this is now not a requirement, it is still advised to all to cover your nose and mouth when indoors. It is still mandatory for all of our carers to wear a face mask at all times.

-Stay 2m apart from anyone not in your household.

-Catch it and bin it.Carry a small pack of tissues with you at all times to catch any sneezes or coughs and then throw them in the bin.

-All of our staff are vaccinated against the virus but precautions still have to be made.

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