We are looking for outgoing, professional and caring team members who share our passion for delivering excellent Person-Centred care in their own home. We understand that staff like to feel happy and motivated in order to provide such excellent care and we do everything we can to ensure this. Being a team member at Aegis Care can be very rewarding as you will have access to the best training to improve your skills and prospects.

We do not always look for experience in a carer as we like to look for people who are kind,caring and have good team values.

How our recruitment works:

Step 1:Online Application Form

We ask everyone to complete the online application form which can be found at This allows you to share any evidence of any previous training or experience you may have and helps us learn why you want to join us. We will check through your application and if it is suitable we will invite you for a face to face interview.

Step 2:Interview

You will be matched to the most appropriate area in relation to where you live. We will discuss this fully in the face-to-face interview. In this we will also take the proof of qualifications and training documents. We would also ask you to bring a DBS Check (should you have this) or if not proof of address and ID so that we can start your DBS Application.(The DBS Check is paid for by the candidate and is around £48).We will also answer any questions you may have and let you know the next steps.

Step 3: Compliances

We will then send away your reference requests to character referees and previous employers (should you have any).This job requires a minimum of 2 reference to be returned before we can begin your work. We also require the DBS Application to be sent. Once both of these are back we are able to begin your face-to-face classroom training. In this we cover 15 modules of Care Certificate training.

Step 4 :Shadowing

For people with no previous care experience we request they do 40 hours shadowing of an experienced care worker so they can learn more about the clients and watch the staff complete the clients everyday routine. In this candidates will visit a variety of different clients with different needs so they can further develop their knowledge.

Step 5:Working

Once you have completed shadowing we will invite you into office to sign your contract, get your ID badge and uniform. We will the regularly carry out spot checks to check your competency and check for any areas of weakness. We also have an online training hub where you will be able to complete Online Care Certificate training alongside working. We are constantly looking for ways to help our carers develop their skills and prospects and take on any ideas given to us by staff. All staff are re-trained in office every year (or as required) to ensure their competency.

We have plenty of vacancies that we are currently looking to fill! To find out more, please visit the vacancies section of the website:

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