Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

With the new lockdown in place, we are doing all we can to promote the health and safety of both our staff and clients. Although this can be difficult due to new strains and the general personal nature of the job. Below are some of the measures we have put into place to ensure all staff and clients are not at risk.


In November we were given the great opportunity to have all staff vaccinated for Flu. The flu vaccine helped us prevent staff catching the flu and even potentially passing it onto clients. We have yet again been given the opportunity to have all staff vaccinated against COVID-19.All staff have now received their first dose of this and most have received the second. The second dose will be administered in 12 weeks. This is again so important due to the personal nature of their roles. Most staff have already received their second doses.

COVID-19 Testing

All staff are tested weekly to ensure they are not a carrier of the virus. Weekly tests are compulsory for all staff and we follow the Government guidelines on isolation should the individual test positive.


PPE is provided to all staff on a weekly basis at minimum. In order to adhere to our company’s mandatory infection prevention and control procedures all staff must wear full PPE in all clients homes. This is in the form of Face mask,Glasses,Gloves and Aprons. Further PPE is provided to those most at risk with clients who are symptomatic (visors, hair nets, shoe covers, scrubs etc).All staff are given training and guidance on how to correctly use PPE.

Hand Hygiene

We frequently reinforce the need for proper hand hygiene to all staff. We offer guidance and training on the best hand hygiene. Staff are provided with anti bacterial wash and gels so that they can clean their hands between each client. Gloves are worn throughout the care and then discarded after use.


Due to COVID-19 it is more important than ever that we have staff continuity to cover any sickness from COVID or general sickness. We are constantly recruiting more staff in all areas and training them to be ready to cover any sickness. Face-to-face interviews are still taken in office so that we can learn more about the person. Social distancing is observed, face masks are worn at all times, all attendees carry out proper hand hygiene both before and after, and we clean all surfaces inbetween.We also ensure that the attendee is not unwell before attending by completing a COVID Interview sheet and taking their temperature upon arrival.


Full training is imperative for new staff to learn how best to look after a client. We offer a full weeks face-to-face training by following the health and safety guidelines above. We have also reduced the attendees to only 2 per room so that proper social distancing can be observed. Face-to-face training helps us to demonstrate the techniques shown in the videos and helps clarify the attendees learning. Infection Prevention and Control is a mandatory course to help prevent infection for both clients and staff as well as giving more knowledge for the need of COVID-19 Precautions.


Regular spot checks and medication competency assessments are carried out on all staff by the Manager and Director of the company to check for any staff needing retraining or guidance in the working environment. Risk Assessments have also been completed for all staff and clients to ensure all work is as safe as possible.

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