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At Aegis Care, the nature of our business means that our teams are more used to facing day-to-day adversity than most. The current situation surrounding Coronavirus is uncertain .This is why we feel it is superlative to make an Announcement on how our company is dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. With that,inevitably,comes the worry and anxiety for everyone concerned. At Aegis Care, our focus is still very much to run business as usual. Although, as you would expect, we have taken steps to ensure that our ability to serve the people who rely upon us remains uninterrupted. We have taken these steps over the past year to ensure safety of all is maintained, which is always our utmost priority.

Given the ongoing situation, we’re working closely with local and national government bodies. Information from Public Health England and NHS is being strictly adhered to . We will continue to visit clients and deliver the care that is so necessary to all our customer base. We have done all this whilst making the changes required to safeguard those in concern.

Location :

Our strategy of care has always been to have key carers for each client. This means that our carers work in geographical codes minimising contact with other carers. This is so that carers and clients can form a bond and get to know each other very well. Whilst this is still one of our priorities, this has become difficult due to the pandemic. We have carers split based on geographical codes meaning new carers are being introduced to cover increased staff sickness. Staff are trained for all clients needs should they be required to cover sickness due to Coronavirus.

The office teams manage this process remotely from the office. We are communicating with staff by phone/electronically, so that carers do not have to visit office unnecessarily. This again, minimises the risk of transmitting the virus between our team members and protects the office based teams. Some of our office staff are first reserve carers who can step in as and when necessary.

Client Safety during Coronavirus:

Our clients are extremely vulnerable to this virus, so carers are fully briefed, according to the current guidelines. They are fully aware of the new processes and procedures, which need to be followed and new guidelines are communicated. It’s very important that understanding is confirmed, quickly and regularly to avoid confusion. All carers have access to full PPE that must be worn in all clients homes to protect them against catching the Coronavirus infection from clients and passing this on.

Everyone is facing an extremely challenging situation accentuated because COVID-19 is unprecedented and scenarios are constantly changing and developing. This means our guidelines for care have to also. We are doing everything that we can to continue to deliver the excellent care we are known for. This will never change and neither will our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our clients and carers. As a company, we’re here to support our carers and their families as well as our clients and their families. We are all facing a very difficult situation together.

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