Spotlight on Mental health

The term mental health, like physical health, encompasses a multitude of illnesses and conditions. When first facing mental health challenges, it can feel very overwhelming; both understanding the conditions, and what support is available.

Understanding mental health

Mental health issues are extremely personal and whilst this is an umbrella term, the conditions that it encapsulates vary greatly. While the different conditions can be defined, the individual experiences of each condition can be varied.

It is also not uncommon for people facing challenges to experience more than one issue at a time. This adding to the uniqueness of each situation. Understanding the specific conditions, the individual is facing is an important start to ensure the best treatment path is taken.

There are a variety of different treatments and management options regardless of the issue the individual is facing. There is a wide range of help available and it is important that the right options are identified. This ensures the management of their mental health issue runs as smoothly as possible.

How can I support?

It is not uncommon for someone who is facing a mental health challenge to turn to friends or family before a healthcare professional. Even if you feel like you don’t have the knowledge or experience to offer support, sometimes all that matters is that you are there to listen should they need you. That said, sometimes it is those closest to the person who start to notice the changes.

Identifying and opening up about how they may be feeling can be very scary for someone with a mental health issue. Researching suitable and available resources is vital to ensure that they receive the right help as early as they can.

Engaging with a relevant healthcare professional for their help can provide invaluable assistance in identifying the right management route, however beyond that it is important that you know what care options are available. Depending on the situation, there are different levels of care. Some individuals may need care in the home, for example those suffering from Alzheimer’s can benefit greatly by staying in a familiar environment. While others, such as those suffering from dementia, might need full-time residential care at a specialist care home to ensure their own safety. But this varies greatly depending on the individuals needs and wishes.

It is important to research your options and learn how best you can be supported before having the difficult conversation.

What about you?

When supporting someone with a mental health issue or disability it is important that you also protect and manage your own mental health, making sure you too receive the right level of support.

Our staff are fully trained in Mental Health and behaviour that challenges. We offer both in-house training, with our Registered Trainer, Gerald and online Care Certificate training. We offer services for those suffering with mental illnesses. Please follow the link for more help.

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